Lip Reduction


Cost Effective Lip Reduction Surgery in Chennai by Raj Cosmetics Technological advancement has introduced a beautiful surgical solution ‘cosmetic and plastic surgery’ for people to correct any of their body parts and make it look normal. Uneven, bulky and crooked lips cause a problem for the owner since it damages the beauty of their face, their image, their confidence and overall their normal life. Nowadays it is not a problem at all.

Raj Cosmetics and Plastic Surgery Center in Chennai performs lip reduction surgery in the most successful manner. Lips surgery cost we charge is very reasonable and nominal is very much reasonable when compared with the benefits enjoyed.

During the surgery, the bulky lip is reduced through intra oral incision. Whether it is lower or upper or both, the extra bulkiness is cut and removed through surgery. The whole procedure is a out-patient process only with local or general anesthesia applied. The surgery will take from half an hour to one-hour time. For the first few days, there will be swelling and numbness in that area, but afterwards it will be normal. The scars will remain inside the mouth and so there is no worry regarding that as well the lip reduction surgery cost in Chennai.

Sometimes babies will have splits or openings in the upper lip or upper mouth portion palate. This will cause numerous problems with eating and talking apart from looks. They need to be corrected through surgery. This is an upsetting fact for the parents, but they need not worry. We, at Raj Cosmetics and Plastic Surgery Center, perform the cleft palate surgery in an effective manner and restores normalcy to the affected babies.

Cleft palate surgery, many a times are not done in a single sitting. It must be done as a series of surgeries. Our Specialist surgeons will take care that there will be only minimum scars left.

Cleft lip surgery is done between one to four months of age; cleft palate surgery is done between five to fifteen months of age. Follow up surgeries can be done between second year of the baby up to late teenage. However, the number of surgeries and the period will depend on the defect.