Laser Cataract Surgery


Advanced cataract surgery in Chennai

Nethra Eye Care is a full facility eye care center providing the advanced ophthalmic service to the walk in people for simple to the complex eye related problems. Since establishment, we are committed to providing excellent care and treatment to our patients. We have a state-of-the-art center that is well-equipped with the advanced and the latest diagnostic facilities. We are one of the few eye care centers that have access to the world-class and advanced treatment facilities under one roof which makes us provide seamless consultation and high-end treatment to the patients.

At our eye care center, we provide treatment for a range of eye related problems that includes cataract surgery, glaucoma. Contact lenses, Oculoplastic, and refractive surgery. We have a team of highly qualified surgeons who have years of experience in providing high-end cataract surgery in Chennai. Our surgeons know the importance of the eyesight and hence offer the highest quality eye care to the patients. We have performed hundreds of cataract surgeries and helped many patients suffering from various eye disorders successfully.

We endeavor to serve people with the best and the advanced eye treatment at an affordable price to restore good vision.To schedule an appointment with our expert surgeons and to know about our surgery cost in Chennai call us.